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Toho Engine Treatment Oil



Product Description

TOHO Radiator Coolant is a premium quality, mono-ethylene glycol based product. This product provides excellent heat rejecting aluminum protection for all automotive and light duty diesel application. It also provides outstanding protection for heavy-duty diesel applications when combined with supplemental coolant additives. It protects all commons cooling system metals including solder, copper, brass, steel, cast iron and aluminum. This formulation is compatible with all other major brands of coolant and will not affect automotive hoses and gaskets.

TOHO Radiator Coolant contains an effective defoamer to prevent foaming in the cooling system for the life of coolant.


Performance Level

Freezing Point:-30 deg C
Boiling Point: 108 deg C

Applications and Benefits

  • Recommended for use in all automobiles and trucks cooling system which is requiring ethylene glycol based coolant.
  • Compatible with most commercial coolants.
  • Provides excellent heat rejecting properties.
  • Protects against corrosion and deposit formation.
  • Protects most metal in cooling systems.
  • Packing

  • 1L, 18L


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