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TOHO Hi-Tech engine
oil is the result of 15
years of research
efforts in the Engine
Developed in
collaboration with
partners from Japan.
TOHO Hi-Tech engine
oil surpasses all other
lubricant products in
quality, performance,
fuel economy and
lower exhaust

Contact Us

No. 1, Tuas Avenue 10
Singapore 639125
Tel: (65) 6742 2275
Fax: (65) 6848 1175


TOHO UNIVERSE PTE LTD has committed to be the Premier Lubricant Manufacturer in the region by providing high quality products and services to achieve total customer satisfaction. Since our establishment in 1995, our track record of flexible, quality and timely-on-demand services has become our hallmark of excellent. Toho Universe Pte Ltd has been awarded Promising 500 SME of 2013.

Our Success

Our key success factor is the partnership for a win-win relationship with our customers. TOHO is trained to ensure that customers get consistent quality products and services all the time.

TOHO's product quality is recognized throughout the East Asia and Australia. Our one-stop services allow customers to focus on marketing and sales to grow their business.

Equipped with flexible production facilities, heavy research and development, and a highly trained professional team, TOHO is able to meet our customers' needs for specific demands.

Our Research and Development

For the past fifteen years, we had been working closely with our partners in researching and developing sophisticated environmental friendly oil products, that surpass our previous products in quality, performance, economical and lowering exhaust emission.

With a concerted research effort, a breakthrough was achieved. A first-rate, high technological oil additive "TOHO 9000" had been developed successfully. It had been tested and proven that it could reduce exhaust emissions, improve engine efficiency, performance and productivity for the benefits of the consumers and the environment. TOHO long life engine oil gains its performance advantages from a blend of it's Advanced Additive Technology.

Our Philosophy

Our company's philosophy - "To relentlessly improve our product quality and services to satisfy our customers' needs and expections."
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