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Toho Engine Treatment Oil



Product Description

TOHO 9000 is a high performance oil treatment specially designed to optimize performance in all types of engines or machineries. The performance and lifespan of your engine or machinery will be enhanced and prolong when you use TOHO 9000.

TOHO 9000 is a revolutionary hi-tech product for multi-purpose oil treatment.

TOHO 9000 works in all types of hydraulic systems, machineries, motor vehicles, small boats, in the form of Anti-wear agent, Viscosity improver, Corrosion inhibitor and Engine lubricant. TOHO 9000 can improve your engine's performance, regardless of gasoline, diesel, LPG, NGV, CNG vehicles, machineries and other industrial applications. Toho 9000 helps to reduces save fuel and keeps maintenance and operation costs down.

Applications and Benefits

  • Suitable for Petrol, Diesel, LPG, NGV, CNG engine, Hydraulic systems & 4T motorcycle (400cc & Above).
  • Improves engine power.
  • Improves engine performance and efficiency.
  • Reduces engine heat by reducing friction.
  • Save fuel 5%~25%.
  • Reduces engine noise and vibration.
  • Reduces cold start wear with easy turnover.
  • Reduces exhaust emission and black smoke.
  • Reduces formation of sludge and varnish deposits.
  • Reduces wear and tear.
  • Extends oil change interval up to 40 times.
  • Packing

  • 80ML, 500ML, 1L, 20L, 200L
  • Application & Mix Proportions

    Directions of Use

    1. Compatible with ALL mineral and synthetic engine oil or lubricants.
    2. Identify the Total Oil Volume specified for the engine sump or other equipment (eg. 4 Litres).
    3. To calculate the volume of TOHO 9000 required multiply the revevant proportion (see Applications table above) by the Total Oil Volume (eg. 15% of 4 Litres = 0.6 Litres).
    4. DRAIN old oil from engine or equipment and install new oil filter, add the volume of TOHO 9000 calculated in item no 2 above.
    5. For high mileage old engine, please flush the engine first before using TOHO 9000.
    6. COMPLETE filling engine or other equipment to specified level using the oil selected in accordance with Notes below.
    7. CHANGE oil filter at every 100,000km or 1,250 operating hours of TOHO 9000 warranty duration.
    8. OIL LEVELS to be checked and maintained as normal. If 20% or more of the oil is replaced or topped up, a corresponding proportion of TOHO 9000 should also be added.
    9. Notes:

      - Maximum benefits will be achieved by using one viscosity grade lower than specified for application - eg. if "5W40" specified then use "5W30" (adding TOHO 9000 will increase the oil viscosity by one grade).

      - TOHO 9000 is NOT approved for aviation engines.

      - TOHO 9000 is NOT recommended for two-stroke engines.


    Avoid skin and eye contact. If swallowed, seek medical advice.

    How it works

    TOHO 9000 coats and penetrates the surface of metal smoothing and sealing micro pores, providing a super-slick surface and reliable lubrication in boundary conditions. The new surface also blocks oxygen to prevent corrosive activity. This micro-layer of protection is bonded to metal surfaces with strong covalent and ionic bonds. Thus effectively lessen friction and engine wear-and-tear with increased engine compression.?/p>


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